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It has served Tier 1 FMCG clients in 58+ Geos.
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Hebei LongDa Packaging Products Co., Ltd, locates in Hebei Xingtai City(near Beijing and Tianjin). Established in 2003, after 18 years of development, it is now a giant paperware plant in north China with 400+ employees. Longda’s new plant started to operate in 2022, and construction coverage exceeds 70, 000+ ㎡.

Longda provides service for Jinmailang (exclusive supplier of paper bowls), Nestle, Uni-President, KFC, McDonald’s, Nongshim, Mondelēz, and more. The annual production capacity for paperware(paper cup/bowl/ bucket) exceeds 3 billion pcs, and paper napkin, U straw, and the box is in quick expansion. It has served Tier 1 FMCG clients in 58+ Geos.

Products Recommended

Paper Bowl

  • Made of high-quality food-grade cup paper
  • Custom exquisite artwork can be printed in 6 colors, which is conducive to improving the brand image
  • Double-layer hollow veneer design, thermal insulation, ultra-thick paper, no deformation or leakage when exposed to heat, strong practicability

Paper Cup

  • Internal and external wall coating materials, green and environmental protection
  • Recyclable, repulpable, biodegradable, compostable • Made of high-quality
  • Made of high-quality food-grade cup paper
  • Custom exquisite artwork can be printed in 8 colors, which is conducive to improving the brand image

Paper Box

  • Comfortable paper texture,Fine trimming
  • Adhesive strong tear resistance,
  • Clear cut on edge and support diversed structure
  • Suitable for all kinds of drinks such as milk, juice, soda
  • FSC forest certification, eco-friendly

Paper Straw

  • Made of high-quality food-grade cup paper
  • Can print colors or basic patterns, effectively enhance the brand image, increase product interest, and attract more consumers
  • Clean and hygienic
  • Portable and practical
  • Health and Environmental Protection

Corporate Social Responsibility

Employee Care
1.Longda is committed to protecting the earth's sustainable future and carrying out carbon reduction actions with the world to deal with climate change. For Longda, we actively grasp the opportunities brought by climate change and continue to apply green innovation in the whole life cycle of products to minimize the impact of the entire product production process on the environment.

2.Since the "Green PanoVert" product launch in 2021, this successful transformation will bring about tremendous changes in our future product development.
Social Responsibility
1. When floods hit Zhengzhou and other places, Longda donated 500 pieces of instant noodles and 500 pieces of mineral water, worth 31,500 yuan, to the local people , expressing condolences and doing our best.

2. In the face of the epidemic, Hebei Longda Packaging Products Co., Ltd. donated money and materials. At the same time, it also actively donated masks, paper cups, instant noodles, food and vegetables, bottled water, and other materials to the front line.

3. Carry out the tree planting activities of "adding color to the earth," sowing green seeds, and pursuing the realization of a "green factory area".
Sustainable Strategy
1. Regularly hold chairman meeting day and employee symposium. For the needs and doubts of employees, the chairman listens, records carefully, and answers them one by one. Chairman pays close attention to the life of every employee and thanks the employees for their dedication and contribution to the development of the enterprise.

2. Hold the annual "Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Law" publicity week, resolutely do an excellent job in the popularization and publicity of occupational disease prevention and control knowledge, and improve employees' self-protection awareness to effectively protect the rights and interests of employees' occupational health.

3. Organize employee team building. Through team building activities, quickly establish a communication environment and initially form a team atmosphere.

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